A Brain Health Monitoring System

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The app is used to establish a baseline of cognitive function before a concussion occurs. This baseline can then be used to compare against later test results to see if there has been any decline in cognitive function, which could be a sign of a concussion. Additionally, it assesses a variety of cognitive functions that are often affected by concussions, such as attention, memory, processing speed, and executive function. By measuring these cognitive functions, the app can help to identify whether a person has sustained a concussion.

What is NeuroWatch?

NeuroWatch is a physician-directed virtual, gamified app-based neurological assessment program with ongoing monitoring of 7 core areas of brain performance.

Create Peace of Mind

Stop worrying by knowing a neuro expert is overseeing your player's brain health. If a concussion is suspected, we contact you with directions so you can make sure they're taken care of right away.

Take the Guesswork Out of Concussions

Traditional baseline testing is inadequate with limited data and poor quality. Our gamified app measures 7 neurological functions and tracks results over time and after suspected brain trauma for safe return.

Trust the Experts

Our FDA-Approved system is used by professional athletes around the world and overseen by a Board Certified Functional Neurologist. Make data-informed decisions - don't guess when it comes to your brain.


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EQ Brain Performance App

Take the Guess Work Out of Concussions